Welcome to, a site dedicated to using easy "No programming skills required" software to make awesome games and accompanies the book "Awesome Game Creation - 3rd Edition"..

Using software in the book including Game Maker 7.0 Lite, Games Factory 2 Trial and FPS Creator Trial, the reader will learn how to make their own great games without needing to learn to code..

If you are interested in making just games for the Windows platform, then try out our sister site, for more details or making Windows programs, screensavers and applications try

Book Update - 26-07-07

The hardwork for the book has been completed - YAY! All the pages have been written and its currently going through the process of editing. The CDROM has been upgraded to a DVD as there is 1.2GB of content on it, and many demos. A new book cover has been designed and this will be hopefully appearing on various websites shortly replacing the stock image that was previously on it. Only 8 weeks till the book is released, so many editing tasks still remain. The DVD will be going to the printers in 2 weeks time and the book will follow shortly after.

Thanks - Webmaster.

Book Update - 03-06-07

The book is due to be completed in draft at the end of June, it has appeared on amazon and a draft front cover has been done for it. The next few weeks will be very busy for the book, but hopefully I should finish on time or near enough.

Thanks - Webmaster.

Latest News 17th - January 2007

We are proud to announce our new website for our new book that is currently being written. The book is due to be completed by the end of June and should be released around September. Please keep with us as we slowly build up the website with new information as it happens.

Thanks - Webmaster.

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